Mikel Cain

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  • Experience: Very Experienced
  • Available for: Fashion Runway Sport Casual Swimwear Print/Editorial Hair/Makeup Parts Model Artists Model Art Glamour
  • Country: USA


Award Winning International Celebrity Hair and Makeup artist, Mikel Cain, has over 15 years in the Industry. His professional training began at The Aveda Institute and Bumble & Bumble NY. 

Mikel's makeup skills, attention to finite-detail with the ability to produce flawless complexions are what keep him in such high demand. From fashion, editorial, video and film. Mikel has definitely made his presence known in the industry. Those who know him best say that he has always been driven with an unmatched work ethic. 

We recently had an opportunity to shoot Content for Jinkers.Net with Mikel Cain, and have to say two things.  Mikel Cain had our retoucher smiling from ear to ear, because the images were durn near flawless (we've actually posted a few on the site without editing, just don't tell our Marketing Director!).  Mikel kept the staff in stitches nearly the entire shoot.  He brought so much personality that one our grips actually lost a handle on a beauty dish during the shoot from laughing so hard!  Mikel comes with an entire TEAM of people, or he works in solitude, and either way, expect greatness!  Mikel is O.C.D. about his hair and makeup artistry, and a complete perfectionist.  Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist Mikel Cain is one of the most talked about artists in this month Featured Member line-up on Jinkers.Net!  :)

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Twitter - @MikelCain
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